For whom?

For the Expat Spouse (*) who would like to experience how engaged coaching can lead to feeling empowered away from home.

Moving abroad for work is often portrayed as something ‘exciting’, ‘cool’ & ‘sexy’. At the same time many Expat Spouses find that after the initial excitement, the reality of being uprooted, of giving up part of their identity and support system, can lead them to feel isolated and lost.

Now imagine feeling empowered from the start. It is possible! Your new adventure in the Netherlands can be an ideal moment for self-reflection and reinvention. As they say in Dutch: “ don’t let grass grow over it” and take charge of your life away from home!

Do you recognise yourself in one or more of the following questions? If so, contact me. I am curious about who you are!

  • Do you feel isolated?
  • Are you missing a sense of ‘self’?
  • Are you (temporarily) lacking self-confidence?
  • Are you not sure about how ‘ authentic’ or ‘ autonomous’ you are at the moment?
  • Are you finding it hard to adapt to the new environment?
  • Are you feeling homesick?
  • Are you experiencing stress or suffering from burn-out/ bore-out symptoms?


(*)The English version of this site differs slightly from the Dutch one. The English version is primarily focussed on the Expat Spouse whereas the Dutch site has a broader scope.