Let’s move

Your goal is to take more charge of your own life. My approach is based on outdoor coaching.

Both moving and nature have a positive effect on mind & body, and by literally stepping out of your routine, you are creating space for new perspectives.

Therefore the basis of each session is ‘to be outdoors and actually move’. It is within this peaceful context that you can gain insights. Together we will translate these into action plans which are alligned with your values and qualities. I will support you by being your mirror: spontaneous and challenging, but also safe.

At the same time I will challenge you to join in tailor made physical exercise, such as walking and slow jogging. I guarantee you will leave with more energy than when you arrived!

In short you can expect the following:

  • client driven agenda
  • professional, personal and engaged coaching
  • focus on personal, social and professional identity
  • increased self awareness
  • translating insights into action plans which are alligned with your values and qualities
  • dealing with self- limiting beliefs
  • developing healthy coping strategies
  • being outdoors and literally moving forward
  • feeling positive, focussed and energised at the end of each session